Do your feet need love?

I was wondering what I could talk to you about in January! Like any good entrepreneur, I won't hide the fact that the cobbler's children have no shoes! I produce cosmetic products as a job, but sometime, I am the first to neglect myself!


During my Christmas holidays, I realized how bad my feet were! With the friction of the boots, the cold, the hot, my little feet really needed some love during this cold season!


What are the symptoms of neglected feet

- Feet and heels rough to the touch


- Cracked heels


- Irritation or itching


- Dry-looking feet (white skin that cracks and peels)


Why our feet get especially dry in winter

Friction is a big part of the cause of dry feet. With winter boots and stockings, our feet are constantly in friction, which damages the skin of the feet.


Another big culprit of winter is our tendency to take long baths and showers with water that is too hot. When using too hot water, the sebum, which acts as a protective layer on our skin, is largely eliminated, which considerably dries out our skin, including the skin of your feet and heels.


​How to improve the appearance of our feet

Natural fibers

Put on stockings made of natural fibres, such as cotton, which let the feet breathe. Personally, I really like viscose stockings, whose texture is really soft and less abrasive on my feet.


Exfoliate before moisturizing

This is the mistake most people make. When you have dry feet, you immediatly think to put a moisturizer. But when our feet look dry, they are covered with A LOT of dead skin and calluses. It's a waste of time (and money) to try moisturizing a surface that will never regenerate, which does not solve our problem by the way! So it's very important to exfoliate our feet well once a week before adding a moisturizer. 



And finally, you can't get away with it, you have to moisturize your feet using a good quality moisturizer composed of fairly fluid vegetable oils that easily penetrate the skin of the feet.

Here is the method I used to solve my problem of dry and cracked feet

To exfoliate the most damaged parts of the heels, a regular scrub is not enough, it is absolutely necessary to use a pumice stone! Here is the technique I used to solve my problem!

Step no. 1


Take a bowl of hot water big enough to soak both feet comfortably and add 1/4 of Les Petards bath bomb


The ingredients contained in the bath bomb with the hot water will be used to soften the driest parts of the feet. 


Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes.


Step no. 2


Wet the pumice stone and gently rub the most damaged parts. It is important to soak your feet before using the pumice stone! 


If it's impossible for you to make a foot bath, I advise you to use the pumice stone after the shower. This way, your feet will have at least time to bathe in hot water for about 10 minutes. 


*Warning! When you do a foot bath before using the pumice stone, the exfoliation of the calluses is very easy. Avoid removing too much or you could injure yourself. It is very uncomfortable, even painful, to walk on feet that have had too much calluses removed. So do it gently one time a week.


Step no. 3


With the Sugar Coated mineral scrub, exfoliate the entire surface of the feet and toes. 


Never use the pumice stone on the finer parts of your feet, which is far too abrasive

Step no. 4


Once your feet have been well exfoliated, use the Porcelain Skin moisturizing cream, which is particularly effective in nourishing dry feet, thanks to its emulsifier based on olive oil and grape seed oil which penetrates deeply .


My little trick

I like to do this treatment before going to bed. It allows me to put on more cream and then put on cotton stockings.


Otherwise, if your day is not over, put a little less moisturizer and allow time for the cream to penetrate well.


There you go! You will see, our body cream in combination with our mineral scrub works wonders on dry feet! Moreover, for the occasion, I decided to create a kit to help you taking care of your feet


If you have tested my technique, write to me! I want to know if it made a difference as much for you as it did for me! xx

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