The cold has come

Yippee! The first snow has finally fallen! For those who love winter, it's always a very exciting time to know that winter sports and snowman building are finally back! But for many of you, the cold is also synonymous with dry skin, tight hands and chapped lips. So what is the best method to prevent these small inconveniences of the cold season?

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Why our skin becomes drier in winter

Outdoor air is less humid in winter

The warmer it is, the more the air is able to store water in the form of vapour. To give you an example, when it is 25 degrees Celsius in summer, the maximum amount of water in the air is 23.1 grams per cubic meter, while in winter at -20 degrees Celsius, the maximum of water in the air is only 0.9 grams per cubic meter. The skin is therefore much more easily dehydrated in cold weather.

irritating clothes

The clothes you choose can also be part of the problem. Wool or synthetic fibers are involved, but also the friction caused by our many layers of clothing with our coats winter can weaken our skin.

The hot baths

Taking a good bath is not a problem in itself! But avoid taking it every day and above all, putting the water too hot. The hotter the water, the more it strips the skin of its protective layer made up of sebum, which dries the skin.

Natural factors

Besides winter, we must not forget that dry skin can also be due to a host of factors! Changes in hormones, natural skin aging, hereditary skin problems, etc.

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The 3 essential gestures to prevent dry skin

Despite everything, 3 very simple actions can make a big difference in preventing dry skin in winter! 

Use a mild cleanser

I can't talk about it enough, before even thinking about putting cream on our dry skin, we have to break the cycle by using much milder cleansers that are adapted to the pH of our skin. Gentle cleansers, like our cleansing bars made from biodegradable surfactants for babies, often solves a large part of the problem! In addition, our bars have the same pH as that of the skin, which avoids destabilizing the skin's protective layer. 

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliate when you have dry skin, really? Yes yes! Who says dry skin says a lot of dead skin to eliminate. The skin has a whole regeneration system that allows it to completely renew its cells every 30 days. By exfoliating our skin, we help it loosen the top layers to make room for new skin cells. This allows the skin to regenerate itself and as a small bonus, it allows the skin to better absorb our moisturizers afterwards. Besides, if I were you, I would watch my Les Pétards newsletter on Sunday, November 20! An exclusive Black Friday discount for subscribers only could be accompanied by a free exfoliator… Just saying! ;) 

Put some cream!

Finally, you will not be surprised, we put moisturizer! But obviously not just any! Flower of skin cream, enriched with hyaluronic acid and Labrador tea, moisturizes for more than 24 hours and works wonders on dry skin! 

4 products for a winter beauty routine

Self-esteem bar

Key ingredients 

* BC Glacier Clay: Contains over 60 minerals and trace skin nutrients that revitalize and brighten the skin.

* Quebec Verbena: Soothes irritated skin and has a calming effect, perfect for a moment of relaxation in the shower

Well done : 

Volcanic stone and clay gently exfoliate. Fresh and soothing botanical fragrance.


The Sweet-Salty mineral exfoliant

Key ingredient: 

* Jojoba esters: Creates an imperceptible moisturizing film on the skin to retain hydration for several hours.

* Lithothamne: Lithothamne powder is a calcified red algae very rich in minerals which remineralizes, softens and softens the skin.

* Pumpkin oil: Very rich in vitamins A, B, D and E, pumpkin oil deeply nourishes the skin.


Removes dead skin cells to help skin regenerate more easily. Hydrates and nourishes the skin, without greasy effect.

Skin Blossom Moisturizing Cream

Key ingredient: 

* Maple syrup from Quebec: An excellent moisturizing active ingredient rich in vitamin B1 and vitamin B2, which helps to strengthen and tone the structure of the skin, in addition to containing no less than 65 different polyphenols which act against premature skin aging. the skin.

* Labrador tea: a local essential oil from Canada, is an antioxidant bomb, in addition to softening the skin for a comforting effect. No more itchy skin!

* Hyaluronic acid: A natural molecule that retains 1000 times its weight in water and is the most effective in preventing skin dehydration.


Hydrates more than 24 hours.  

The perfect set for a winter routine

The set contains the 3 products above: 

* A Clean Love Cleansing Bar 60 g. with verbena and clay from the glaciers of British Columbia 

* A Sweet-Salty mineral exfoliant 210 ml

* A skin flower moisturizing cream 200 ml


Gently cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates.

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