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1. Is it really safe to make my payment online on your website?

We know that the security of your information is important. We therefore decided to do business with Stripe, one of the best online payment methods used by large companies like Apple or Virgin where the level of security is all the more important.

Stripe is PCI Service Provider Level 1 certified, the most rigorous level of certification. So you don't have to worry at all.


2. How can I get Les Pétards free samples?

At the moment we do not have any sample format to test the products.


3. Is there a product catalog?

In order to reduce our paper consumption, we do not print catalogs. You will find online each of our products as well as the information you need.


4. How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

To subscribe to the Les Pétards newsletter, please access the page Newsletter. Then fill in the requested information and that's it, you'll be up to date with everything! Don't worry, you can unsubscribe at any time if you find that you don't like the content.

Why subscribe? First, we would like to tell you that you will not receive aggressive emails every day. We publish a newsletter only when necessary, either for a new contest, a new product or important news about us.

We also use our bank of subscribers when we want to have new products tested before even launching them or because we have decided to pamper our subscribers with a secret promotion!


5. Does Les Pétards offer a gift card program?



6. Why don't you have an eco-certification?

The mission of Les Pétards is to offer responsible products that are accessible to everyone. In this way, we have chosen to educate our customers ourselves rather than paying for certifications which would have the effect of considerably increasing the price of our products.


Our products are handmade in our workshop located in Bedford, Canada.


All the ingredients we use are 100% natural and biodegradable.


Our products are 100% vegan and are not tested on animals.