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Chandelle exclusive - Sapin

by Les Pétards

Regular price$10.00 Sale price$35.00

Chandelle exclusive - Sapin

by Les Pétards

Regular price$10.00 Sale price$35.00

Une chandelle en quantité limitée

En collaboration avec deux belles entreprises d'ici, cette chandelle à la cire de soja coulée à la main par Lachandelière vous replongera dans la nostalgie des fêtes grâce à sa fragrance douce et réconfortante d'Arbre de Noël. Avec sa glaçure matte bleue royale, cette magnifique chandelle plus que parfaite est tournée et gravée à la main par Pascale Atelier, notre voisine céramiste dans les Bedford Lofts!

Psst! Ce format de gobelet est parfait comme tasse à espresso ou comme gobelet à brosse à dents! À ce prix là en rabais, achetez-en quelques unes pour vous faire un magnifique ensemble de poterie signé Pascale Atelier!

Odeur – son parfum d'arbre de Noël saura sans aucun doute vous plonger dans la nostalgie des vacances du temps de fêtes.

Format – 4 oz

Mode d'emploi – Allumez la chandelle et laissez ses arômes se disperser et rafraîchir votre pièce. N'excédez pas 4 heures consécutives, même si vous serez tentés de la laisser brûler jusqu'à la dernière goutte dès la première utilisation. Ne pas laisser à la portée des enfants ou des animaux.

Shhhh, don't tell our competitors!

All our new customers tell us: "I didn't expect the products to be this big when I opened the box!" Our quantities are generous for the price, but don't think that's because the quality is lower! So, what’s our secret?

1. Tiny products means you need to buy more! With that thinking, manufacturing small products that do not last is not environmentally friendly and we wouldn't forgive ourselves for that!

2. We manufacture all of our products at our workshop, rather than delegating production to laboratories like most other cosmetic companies. Result? It is possible for us to offer much better prices for our beloved customers!

3. We don’t want to brag, but you are crazy about our products, so we buy most of our ingredients at the source in large quantities and we have access to excellent prices that are reflected in the cost of our products.

We say NO to greenwashing! We are proud of our ingredient lists and we are not embarrassed about showing it online! After all, you have every right to know what you're putting on your beautiful body!

If you want to know more about an ingredient, refer to our section right here, which describes in detail all of the ingredients we use in our products.

As quick as a flash ;)

We know the satisfaction of a quickly delivered package, so we make it our mission to ship your order in 1 to 2 business days.

You are beautiful! Learning how to pamper yourself, without constantly trying to change yourself with anti-wrinkle cream or anti-cellulite balm, should be the norm.

To have a positive impact on the self esteem of our customers, we have decided to never photoshop our models, because it’s important to display realistic beauty standards.

After all, we're all beautiful, right?


Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging

All our tubes are made in Quebec from plastic entirely recovered from the oceans in order to clean up waterways.

In addition, all our boxes are locally made from 100% recycled cardboard.

Local ingredients

Local ingredients

Highlighting the ingredients of the Canadian territory is our main concern.

By buying our products, you’re also encouraging a bunch of local producers and small businesses. Because supporting our community and local jobs is essential.

100% natural, without compromise

100% natural, without compromise

Don't spend hours analyzing the ingredient lists. All our products are made entirely from natural and biodegradable ingredients.


Our products are handmade in our workshop located in Bedford, Canada.


All the ingredients we use are 100% natural and biodegradable.


Our products are 100% vegan and are not tested on animals.